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Birthdate:May 11
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Hi. I'm Jehane.

I'm still trying to find the right "tone" - or indeed, any "tone" for my journal, I'm not really as serious (boring?!) in real life as I sound on LJ. I suspect too much essay writing is responsible for the somewhat stuffy tone of some of my posts!

I studied Archaeology and Ancient History, with a focus on the Near East particularly, as an undergraduate. I really loved my course, and so applied (and was accepted) for a postgraduate course (MSc leading to a PhD) starting in September 2007. It's my dream to do my PhD, though most likely I will be doing it part time, if I get accepted.

Aside from my studies, I'm passionate about sailing any sort of boat. I do other things in my copious (!) free time; writing, various arty things, from making jewellery to painting or drawing or sculpting, reading, and attempting to acquire money for new techy things. I like taking photographs - of places rather than people - some of which turn out well. Here's a link to my Scrapbook; why not have a look?

I also like my pretty shiny things, be they jewellery or techy things. Some people would call me a geek. I am, in certain specific ways. I'm also more practical (or tomboy-ish on occasion) than girly; I spent most of my childhood up trees or in small boats, or running around barefoot in torn shorts and a t-shirt. On the other hand, I'm not averse to putting on make-up, and I have a penchant for pretty (often out-of-my-price-range) dresses; I've been told that I "elegant up well". A concise description? "I'm rather a mixture of things. You'll find out when you get to know me. (And I use parenthesis far too much.)"

I've just started my own company, Coppelia. Go check it out:

One final item about me and my life, is that I've had acute pain in my shoulders and wrists (both arms) for nearly 3 years, and have finally been diagnosed as suffering from Fibromyalgia, a chronic condition with a multitude of different symptoms. Occasionally I will post a mumpy sort of post, bemoaning my lack of physical fitness, although I do this very infrequently as I am finally getting used to, and accepting, my imposed physical limitations.

I'd be more than happy for you to friend me, if you want to - I find it very interesting to read snippets of other people's lives, and LJ is an excellent tool for making friends. I don't subscribe to friending/unfriending drama, so am more than happy to be friended, or unfriended should you find we don't have much in common.

So, there's my potted biography. It's nice to meet you. Why don't you tell me about yourself?

"History repeats itself. Historians repeat each other." - Philip Guedalla.

In case of emergencies, contact details are here: Contact Info.
(Friends locked, of course.)
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